What is FeddyGO ?

FeddyGO is a community driven on-demand service company connecting

people in need of a service or help with skilled service providers or taskers.The term service providers on FeddyGO represents people offering a certain service or help i.e. freelancers, taskers, general helpers, professionals etc. The Company strives to provide a platform that will offer all services or errands a user might be looking for. If you cant find a service you require, contact us. The platform will connect people with local service providers.




How It Works

Finding a service provider or someone to help you has never been easier.

No more cold calling, No mystery pricing, No asking neighbors if they “know a guy.” Feddygo is totally free and connects you with what you are looking for. Find help with your everyday to-dos.



Choose from a variety of services and use the filter to help our system match you with a skilled service provider.


Hire a service provider

Pick from a list of skilled service providers for the job and hire by their hourly rate. You can chat with service providers and negotiate pricing, and other terms through FeddyGO.


Make payments

Make payments through the FeddyGO platform. Your payments are put on hold until the job is completed by the service provider. Following your confirmation that the job is completed, payments are released to the service providers. It is a safe process.


Get work done

Service provider arrives and gets the work done.



Incase of a dispute between customer and service provider, payments are held by FeddyGO while the situation is accessed. All parties involved will be contacted for proofs. All disputes will be resolved by FeddyGO


need assistance finding a servicE provider ?

We can find a service provider for you and send them over to you, to get the work done. For our customers that would love for us to assist them in finding a service provider, use the button below to contact us.

Mission Statement

FeddyGo is more than just a company, our goal is to end or reduce involuntary unemployment one step at a time. This might sound unrealistic but we are determined to make an effort towards that direction.

Everytime, Everyday and Every week people always have things they need to get done, yet don't have the time or skills themselves. Likewise, people are always looking to stay busy, get work, and make money, yet don't have an efficient way of finding those who need work done or require assistance. Not only do we feel we are the best place for the unemployed and small business to find work, we believe very soon we will be close to seeing a complete transformation for the local service economy.

Many people living in our communities have very special talents and passions, but lack the outlet to share them. There is a college student out there that loves designing logo’s or photography or being a handyman, the retiree who is passionate about gardening, and the stay-at-home mom that loves to take photos or organise files or bookkeep (but can't pursue it full time). Likewise, there are regular people out there that need these same services, but in all likelihood they'd never find each other. FeddyGo gives everyone the opportunity to provide themselves and their family a place to always find work, gigs or task.

FeddyGo helps fulfill the Canadian dream by providing a platform to those who dream of working for themselves, yet at the same time provides small businesses with steady work or connect them with clients or customers.